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PL-1 Outdoor PIR Detector for Control Applications

PL-1 is a passive infrared motion detector designed for outdoor low voltage control applications such as control of gates, lights, CCTV cameras etc. A special built-in photocell and light level control can be activated to limit operation to periods of darkness only.


PL-1 features rugged construction with integral swivel bracket that enables aiming the detector at the desired direction. The detector operates from a 12 VDC source and has a normally open (N.O.) relay output.


The standard model is the PL-1 Wide Angle Outdoor PIR, featuring a 90o fan-shaped coverage pattern with 34 beams in three detection layers, and a maximum coverage area of 12 x 12m  (40 x 40 ft). Other patterns are available upon special request.


PL Features:

  • Designed for outdoor control applications
  • Built-in photocell enables selecting darkness-only operation
  • Adjustable detection range
  • Flat or corner mounting
  • Integral swivel bracket for horizontal and vertical tilting
  • 9-16 VDC power supply
  • N.O. relay output
  • Standard coverage 12 x 12m (40 x 40 ft) / 90o
  • Special order coverage available:
    • PL-2 Long-Range: 3 x 27m (10 x 90 ft)
    • PL-3 Ultra Wide Angle: 12 x 18m (40 x 60 ft) / 145o
    • PL-4 Pet Alley: 13.5 x 13.5m (45 x 45 ft) / 90o
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