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All-in-one Universal PIR

SRN-2000 is the world's most flexible and reliable wireless PIR detector. Implementing Visonic's noted Super-Red Lens Library of 45 easy-to-change lenses, SRN-2000 offers the most outstanding selection of lenses, saving time and money on every installation.


Designed for easy error-free implementation in any environment, the SRN-2000 detector allows users to easily select from a wide range of settings. It is flexible in every respect, featuring 30o vertical and horizontal adjustment; surface, corner or swivel bracket mounting; and installation height of up to 5 meters (17 ft).


Implementing state-of-the-art detection technologies backed by 30 years of Visonic expertise, the SRN-2000 is the ideal PIR choice for any commercial and light industrial application, offering the highest performance in all respects: sensitivity, reliability and false alarm immunity.


SRN-2000 Features:

  • Industry's best detection accuracy, sensitivity, false alarm immunity and product reliability
  • 45 easy-to-change lenses including
    • 9 wide-angle lenses with up to 140o angle
    • 3 long-range corridor lenses with range up to 35m (120 ft)
    • 6 pet alley lenses
    • 3 finger curtain lenses
    • 8 special lenses with upward-looking zones for ceilings, stairs, and rooms
    • 10 unique combination lenses covering 2-3 rooms or long corridors
    • 6 solid curtain lenses
    • Standard lens: 90o wide-angle lens with maximum coverage 18 x 18m
      (60 x 60ft)
  • 2-3 room coverage with a single lens
  • 30o vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Installation height: 0-5m (0-17ft)
  • Surface, corner or swivel mounting
  • Programmable pulse counter for maximum immunity to false alarms
  • Unprecedented RF immunity
  • 9-16 VDC power supply
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