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Art Protection Detector SPD-1000

Art Protection Detector SPD-1000

Wireless PowerCode Art Protection Detector

SPD-1000 is a discreet and effective wireless displacement detector specially designed for protection of individual art works in galleries, churches, private collections and temporary displays in museums.


With its miniature low-profile design, the SPD-1000 is easily concealed behind or below each artwork. Wireless installation is a simple no-mess procedure, without the expense and inconvenience associated with wired solutions.


Implementing Visonic's advanced patented magnetic sensor technology, the SPD-1000 achieves superior displacement sensitivity (higher than 0.1mm) while minimizing false alarms. It also offers selectable alarm levels, indicating the severity of the event: canvas cutting, slight touching, repetitive touching or complete removal. SPD-1000 is a fully supervised device, easily integrated into Visonic PowerMax® security and control systems and SpiderAlert networks. It is available in several optional frequencies in compliance with European, U.S. and other international standards.


SPD-1000 Features:

  • Designed for protection of individual works of art in galleries, museums, churches,
    private collections
  • Superior displacement sensitivity (higher than 0.1mm)
  • Selectable alarm levels indicating the severity of the event
  • Canvas-cutting detection
  • Superior immunity to false alarms
  • PowerCode ID factory-selected from 16 million possible code combinations
  • Smart anti-collision algorithm supports multiple simultaneous transmissions
  • Fully supervised
  • Long-life standard lithium battery
  • Low battery signaling
  • Miniature low-profile design for easily concealed protection
  • Immediate, easy, concealed and clean installation
  • Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards
  • Compatible with PowerMax, SpiderAlert networks, and all Visonic PowerCode receivers
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