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VGSM-120  GSM/GPRS Universal Communicator

VGSM-120 GSM/GPRS Universal Communicator

The VGSM-120 is a GSM interface and a standalone device capable of generating voice dialer messages and SMS event notifications. Its onboard outputs can be triggered remotely via telephone to activate external equipment or indicators. The VGSM-120 simulates the PSTN line
and decodes Contact ID format, so it is virtually “invisible” to the control panel it is connected to.

Simple to install and program (plug and play approach), the VGSM-120 is equipped with a quad band GSM/GPRS radio and remote antenna with magnetic base. Its extremely small size and low current draw allows for installation inside the control panel’s cabinet and does not require an
additional battery.

The VGSM-120 is the best solution for reliable GSM alarm communication back up for the majority of applications, whether new or existing system upgrades.


VGSM-120 Features:

  • GSM Quad-Band
  • Simulates land line
  • Switches to GSM Network in the event of land line trouble (line down)
  • Manages incoming/outgoing calls
  • 3 programmable terminals as outputs or inputs
  • Telephone voice dialer: 8 voice messages of up to 16 s each
  • SMS dialer: 11 SMS messages of 100 characters (2 for each input, 4 for Status &
    1 Periodic)
  • 8 telephone numbers for the Telephone & SMS dialers
  • Supports Contact ID format from a connected panel, for communication over the GPRS / Internet network to the Sur-Gard System II/III Receivers
  • 4 phone numbers for Contact ID Dialer on GPRS
  • Up to 100 telephone numbers for the remote activation of the outputs through
  • caller identification (zero charges)
  • Remote activation of the outputs through SMS transmission
  • Program max 100 telephone numbers to have access to the device (White List) to trigger the onboard outputs and block all others (Black List)
  • Credit balance check for pre-paid SIM Cards
  • Monitoring of communication service when used in conjunction with a VoIP
    service (PTM)
  • PC-programmable options
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