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SRN-2000 C/PC

SRN-2000 C/PC

Battery-powered Ultra Low-current PIR for use with OEM Wireless Transmitters

SRN-2000 C/PC is a universal battery-operated PIR designed for various OEM wireless and low current applications. Implementing Visonic's ultra low current PIR technology (0.004 mA in standby), as well as a unique energy saving circuit, the detector extends battery life up to 3 years. A special optional back box (SRC-203A) provides ample room for an OEM RF transmitter and circuitry.


SRN-2000 C/PC employs a programmable pulse counter providing extremely high immunity to false alarms. It is flexible in every respect, featuring 45 interchangeable lenses from the noted Visonic Super-Red "Lens Library"; 30o vertical and horizontal calibration; surface, corner or swivel bracket mounting installation and more.


SRN-2000 C/PC Features:

  • Designed for OEM wireless applications
  • Can interface with NO and NC inputs
  • Optional back box (SRC-203A) provides space for an OEM transmitter
  • Ultra low current consumption (0.004mA in standby)
  • Programmable pulse counter for maximum immunity to false alarms
  • 9 Volt standard Alkaline battery
  • Unique energy-saving circuitry extends battery life up to 3 years
  • 45 easy-to-change lenses
  • 30o vertical and horizontal calibration
  • Surface, corner or swivel mounting



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