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IQ Hardwire PowerG Upgrade & Expansion Module


Convert any legacy hard-wired security system to smart wireless security systems. Upgrade to PowerG wireless. IQ Hardwire PowerG converter leverages industry-leading PowerG wireless technology capabilities, featuring superior encryption and long range. A quick, easy and secure way to upgrade and enhance old security systems.


Key Differentiating Features:

  • Industry-leading PowerG wireless technology
  • Connect siren, strobe and 4 PGMs for a full range of applications
  • Enhanced security is enabled by the double end-of-line programming, tamper protection (including back tamper) and the integrated power supply supervision
  • 2 Auxiliary independent power circuits
  • 24-hour back up battery is safely stored inside the plastic cabinet
  • Use your favorite hardwired device from any hardwired portfolio and incorporate it into the PowerG ecosystem
  • Compatible with the Qolsys IQ2 panel+
  • Use up to 2 modules per panel


Support for:

  • Up to 18 conventional 2-wire smoke detectors
  • CO detectors, 4-wire smoke detectors
  • Siren output (Supervised) 12V @ 700mA


Power G wireless technology:

  • 128-bit AES encryption -superior, military-grade encryption quality
  • Two-way TDMA communication -enhanced communication reliability & resistance to jamming
  • Long range wireless communication -4x range vs. traditional wireless
  • Easy to install & enroll



  • 8.9”x10”x3”



  • CE | EN Grade 2


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