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Curtain PIR

CH-1000 is a multi-purpose curtain PIR designed for a wide variety of residential, commercial and light industrial applications. CH-1000 is ideal for protection of display windows, walls, skylights, wide entrances, corridors—or even as invisible barriers. Its exceptionally wide coverage provides a convenient solution for a variety of perimeter protection applications in large commercial and industrial facilities, as well as for residential and commercial areas.


The flexible professional-grade CH-1000 can be easily adjusted to suit multiple applications. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, providing vertical, horizontal, or pet-alley curtain coverage. The PIR's user-friendly design includes a calibrated adjustment scale for precise alignment of the curtain pattern position.


Implementing state-of-the-art detection technologies backed by 30 years of Visonic expertise, the CH-1000 offers the highest performance in all respects: sensitivity, reliability, false alarm immunity and application flexibility.


CH-1000 Features:

  • Vertical, horizontal and pet-alley curtain coverage
  • Coverage area: L x H: 13.5 x 6m (45 x 20ft)
  • Easy adjustment of curtain patterns
  • Programmable 1,2 pulse counter for maximum immunity to false alarms
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Durable and elegant design
  • 9-16 VDC power supply
  • Suitable for home, office, commercial and light industrial applications


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