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PIR Detector with Anti-masking

Hunter is a high-security passive infrared detector with advanced anti-masking and self-test capabilities. It incorporates a revolutionary anti-masking adaptive technology designed to expose efforts to intentionally or unintentionally defeat the detector. Any attempt to reduce the sensitivity of the detector—blocking its field of view or spraying its lens—will activate a trouble alarm.


Self-testing is periodically performed by a unique built-in "Motion Simulator" which activates the trouble alarm in case a malfunction is detected. A special self-adapting algorithm continuously compensates for environmental changes, ensuring long-term stability and reliability.


Hunter also implements a new generation of patented technologies, including advanced patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and "True Motion Recognition" (TMR) using Fuzzy Logic algorithm. The result is an outstanding high-security supervised detector, with ultimate long-term reliability and extremely high false alarm immunity. All this is provided in an elegant, durable and easily installed professional device designed for commercial or light industrial applications.


Hunter Features:

  • Advanced anti-masking and self-test "Motion Simulation" to detect malfunction and attempts to defeat the detector
  • Advanced passive infrared technology
  • Optimized signal processing for superior detection without false alarms
  • Ultimate false alarm immunity based on patented "True Motion Recognition" algorithm
  • High-sensitivity coverage up to 15m x 15m (50ft x 50ft).
  • Adjustable vertical calibration.
  • Sealed sensor chamber for protection from insects and air currents.
  • 9-16 VDC power supply.
  • Surface, corner and optional swivel mounting.
  • Durable elegant design suitable for any office, commercial or light industrial environment.




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