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Next+ Duo K9-85

Next+ Duo K9-85

Pet-tolerant Dual-technology Detector for Professionals

Next+ Duo K9-85 is a pet-tolerant dual-technology digital detector designed to provide effective security and ultimate false alarm immunity in areas where pets or other animals may be present (dogs, cats, rats, etc.)


Next+ Duo K9-85 combines in a single unit two complementary technologies – a pet-tolerant passive infrared (PIR) sensor and an active Microwave sensor. Thanks to this unique integration, Next+ Duo K9-85 distinguishes between the motion of a human body and any other disturbance, including animals weighing up to 38 kg (85lb), better than any other detector.


Next+ Duo K9-85 implements several patented technologies including "True Motion Recognition" (TMR) using unique Fuzzy Logic pet identification algorithm and state-of-the-art 3D "Target Specific Imaging" (TSI) cylindrical optics.


The result is the industry's best detection accuracy, false alarm immunity and ultimate long-term reliability – in an elegant device that is easily installed in any home or office.


Next+ Duo K9-85 Features:

  • 15m (50 ft) 90o multiple-curtain coverage with creep zone
  • Pet-tolerant for animals up to 38 kg (85 lb)
  • Dual passive infrared and microwave digital technologies for unsurpassed long
    term reliability
  • Optimized signal processing of both MW and PIR channels for superior detection without false alarms
  • Accurate volume-based pet detection based on unique 3D patented optic technology (Target Specific Imaging)
  • Ultimate false alarm immunity based on patented True Motion Recognition with "Event Verification" and unique Fuzzy Logic pet identification algorithm
  • Remote test capabilities
  • Solid-state relay for silent trouble-free operation
  • Fast and easy adjustment-free installation
  • Attractive sleek design suitable for any home or office environment
  • Meets EN50131-2 European standards
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