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High-security, Dual-technology Mirror Detector with Anti-masking

TOWER®-12AM is an industrial grade 3 dual-technology intrusion detector with anti-masking. Featuring extremely high coverage of 25mx 30m (82ft x 100ft) / 90o, it is designed for large sites with medium to high security requirements and for harsh security environments with a high likelihood of false alarms. Warehouses and other large facilities, where temperature swings are common due to the absence of air conditioning and where rodents are commonly found, are typically exposed to higher than usual rates of false alarm-causing electrical and environmental interference, making them ideal sites for TOWER-12AM detectors.


Leveraging several patented, breakthrough technologies, including Visonic's innovative Obsidian Black Mirror and V-Slot® window technologies, the TOWER-12AM detector provides market-leading detection sensitivity, and unprecedented anti -vandalism and anti-masking capabilities.  The combination of those two unique technologies with dual PIR/MW technology ensures maximum immunity to false alarms even in harsh security environments where the risk of false alarms is higher than in most sites.


The TOWER-12AM is designed and constructed completely differently to other motion detectors, and is relatively small in size, yet it provides exceptional performance that outstrips industry norms. It combines an extremely large coverage area, unparalleled catch performance, easy installation, and assured, long-lasting reliability.  


With its breakthrough technologies, high-performing anti-false alarm capabilities and innovative design, the TOWER-12AM offers the most advanced dual technology mirror detector available.


TOWER-12AM Features:

  • Ideal for protecting large warehouses and facilities with higher rates of false alarms
  • Superior 25m x 30m (82ft x 100ft) / 90o coverage with "wall" creep zone
  • Easy installation with extended mounting height of 1.5 to 4m without a bracket
  • Selectable coverage range (10, 17, 25m) for optimized performance
  • Vandal-resistant design, enabled by patented V-Slot technology delivers unprecedented resistance to environmental interference and vandalism
  • Patented market-leading elliptical optics provide longer range, along with excellent detection sensitivity and false alarm immunity
  • Obsidian Black Mirror provide extremely high immunity to white light
  • Adaptive active IR provide complete anti-masking protection -patented
  • Optional snap-fit pet mask provides pet immunity up to 18kg(40lb)
  • Built-in EOL resistors and plug-in terminals for pre-wiring
  • Complies with the strictest security standard: Grade 3 EN 50131 (Europe) and CFR 47 Part 15 (USA)



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Snap-fit pet mask
Provides pet immunity up to 18kg (40lb)


Interchangeable long range curtain mirror

production_cap_body_imageInterchangeable curtain mirror up to 35m (115ft) / 5o; for protecting particularly large corridors, warehouses and entrances.  



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