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Communication Solutions

Reliable Communication for Dependable Security


Visonic’s home security alarm systems include GPRS and/or IP connectivity options for broadband – enabling uninterrupted data transfer in case of a link failure or interferences.
These options enable you to install a home security system with the most suitable communication links and security backup for any premises and any customer. Additionally, connecting Visonic’s alarm systems via IP makes it possible to connect Visonic IP CAMs or Integrated PIR CAM detectors (Next CAM) for onsite visual verification.


Because most communication modules are internal, installation and upgrades are quick and easy. They can be changed or added to the panel – even several years later – as the infrastructure evolves. 


Broadband -  PowerLink2
Advanced broadband home control solution that enables security service providers and homeowners to leverage the full power of Internet connectivity
Broadband - PowerLink3.1
Visonic’s PowerLink3 is the most comprehensive Internet-based solution for advanced control of home safety and security.
Communicator WCDMA-3G
A 3G cellular communication module that connects PowerMaster intrusion alarm system to the alarm central station.
Communicator LTE 868
LTE cellular communicator for PowerMaster panels
TL280E - PowerSeries Neo Alarm Communicator
PowerSeries Neo Internet Security Alarm Communicator.
3G2080E - PowerSeries Neo Alarm Communicator
PowerSeries Neo HSPA Cellular Alarm Communicator
TL2803GE - PowerSeries Neo Alarm Communicator
PowerSeries Neo Alarm Communicator - TL2803GE PowerSeries Neo Internet and HSPA Dual-Path Alarm Communicator.