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PowerManage Platform

PowerManage Platform

A Complete Solution for Managing IP Security Services


Visonic's PowerManage is a unique service management platform that enables central monitoring stations to efficiently monitor, manage and control Visonic security systems.


An all-in-one receiver, technical management center, and interactive service platform, PowerManage runs on standard professional server hardware and proven web technologies.


With PowerManage, small and large-sized monitoring companies can expand their services without the need to install and support more equipment. Large monitoring providers benefit from lowered costs per account.

The PowerManage platform (version 3 and up) acts as the back office server for PowerMaster Interactive, communicating via IP.

More Cost-Effective and Reliable

PowerManage has an extremely low cost per account, and is one of the most cost-effective solutions available thanks to its commercial server hardware. Each PowerManage server can handle up to 20,000* IP-based intrusion alarm systems at a time.

Moreover, by using IP instead of a traditional analog modem for data communication, PowerManage opens the way to significant cost savings communications.


Web Technology improves Service and Accessibility

PowerManage allows central monitoring stations (CMS) to improve how they interact with customers, as well as deliver new products and services. Equally important, with PowerManage, the alarm systems are accessible anywhere and at any time, making maintenance and system programming easy.


PowerManage Benefits:

  • Lowers cost-per-account for CMS
  • Delivers optimal performance – Usie of standard server hardware reduces system downtime compared to proprietary servers
  • Improves customer loyalty with interactive services for home owners
  • Facilitates technical support teams’ work  


PowerManage Key Features:

  • Can be installed on a local server or cloud environment
  • Two hardware-configurations are available:
    • PowerManage High-End (HP) handles up to 100,000 alarm systems and 20,000 concurrent interactive sessions
    • PowerManage Lite (DELL) handles up to 10,000 alarm systems and 1,000 concurrent
  • Installation and training by qualified Visonic staff
  • Easy-to-use web interface with accounts for technical staff, shift administrators, and IT managers
  • Grouping of control panels allows for easy management and configuration
  • Video verification of alarms allows monitoring stations to identify false alarms
  • Tech-support system facilitates control and tuning of intrusion equipment
  • Cluster redundancy deployment configuration – The servers back each other up and can be located in geographically distant locations
  • Logs the last 256 events (including recorded images) for each connected system
  • No need for software installation on operators’ client PCs
  • Secured communication using https protocol
  • Enables programming of the PowerMax and PowerMaster panels over IP/GPRS
  • Supports all Visonic IP communicators – GPRS and Broadband (PowerLink)
  • Allows PowerLink end-users to connect to their security system without the need for a fixed IP address
  • Supports PowerLink3 as an IP communicator
  • Allows software personalization through addition of a logo
  • Allows automatic Remote Routine Inspection (RRI) of the remote alarm system
  • Provides enhanced reporting system for alarms, device status and test results
  • Allows Remote Software Upgrade (RSU) for Visonic panels