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About Us

About us

We at Visonic believe that loyalty pays off, and together with you, the installers,
we all can achieve things that today we can only dream of.

We’ve established the Visonic Club with the desire to grow together and invest in those who are part and parcel of our success. Therefore, as part of the membership in the Visonic Club – the more you sell, the more points you accumulate. These points will grant you with especially valuable benefits!

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Why should you join the Visonic Club?

The Visonic Club allows you, the installer, to earn points and convert them to Visonic products (free of charge), and also enjoy a selection of exclusive benefits for the club members!


Points are awarded when panel barcodes are scanned or manually entered in the Visonic Club app. Please note that points are not granted for other products.

Get Started with the VisoniC Club App

Download the app and start managing your Visonic Club activity wherever you are! Everything is right at your fingertips: scan products for points, redeem points for free products, automatically generate quotes, access tips and how-to videos, and more.

3 benefit plans

The Visonic Club has three plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Each plan offers you a variety of specific benefits.

So how does it work?

Each purchase of a PowerMaster kit immediately grants you 100 points. If you upgrade, each scan is worth more!

  • You’ve purchased 1 kit during the year?
    You get 100 points and join the Silver group of installers.
    For the Gold group of installers, each scan is worth 125 points, and for the Platinum group, each scan is worth 150 points.
  • You’ve purchased 2 kits during the year?
    For the Silver group, you get 200 points, for the Gold group, you get 250 points, for the Platinum group you get 300 points, and so on.
  • You’ve purchased 30 kits during 2 years?
    For the Silver group you accumulate 3000 points and join the prestigious Gold group of installers.
  • You’ve purchased 100 kits during the year?
    You accumulate 10,000 points and join the Visonic Club’s most exclusive Platinum group of installers.
  • How do you upgrade?
    If you are in the Silver group and you accumulated 3000 points over two years - you are automatically upgraded to the Gold group.
    If you are in the Gold group and you accumulated 10,000 points over two years - you are automatically upgraded to the Platinum group.


Accumulating points

PowerMaster-10 Kit

Silver group:

1 kit = 100 points

Gold group:

1 kit = 125 points

Platinum group:

1 kit = 150 points

Participation in a meeting of the
Visonic Club = 100 points
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