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Adding Wireless to Hardwired System

The market for home security systems and products is far larger than the market for greenfield installations of new home security systems. With homeowners constantly expanding their houses and their security and safety demands, you need an easy, versatile way to meet their changing security needs – regardless of what home security system already exists at the site.


Visonic’s advanced MCR-304 and MCR-308 receivers convert almost any standard hardwired panel into a reliable, fully-supervised wireless home security system. The receivers are connected to the existing hardwired system and receive radio signals from our wireless detectors and other accessories. With full support for all Visonic PowerCode and CodeSecure detectors and devices, our MCR-304 and MCR -308 receivers are ideal for wireless motion detection, emergency and arm/disarm applications, as well as for remote control applications.


This ability to add advanced wireless capabilities to a hardwired system opens the way for you to offer your customers all the benefits of Visonic’s wireless systems and devices, while enabling them to continue using their legacy system.

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