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Date:     February 12, 2014
To:     U.S. and Canadian Visonic Customers




The following document provides detailed information on a recently identified potential issue related to the Visonic Amber SelectX panel that has resulted in a joint recall with Health Canada and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Product Description
This recall involves the following two models of Amber SelectX Personal Emergency Alarms manufactured by Visonic Ltd. from April 2012 through December 2012 and sold in the United States and Canada from April 2012 through April 2013:


Product Model Number Serial Number Range
Amber SelectX – English version 0-100729 1612002383 through 5012060949
Amber SelectX – French version 0-101050 2512063171 through 4012007077


Identified issue
Visonic has recently identified a potential issue with its Amber SelectX panels related to a defective batch of codec components, which can cause the products to stop working after power-up or following a system reset. If the product has stopped working, an end user request for assistance would not be transmitted to the alarm monitoring company.

System RESET can happen following Installer reconfigure, PSTN line fail and watch dog RESET, due to potential software or hardware issues.  Normally a Power-up or System RESET returns the system to its preconfigured state. However, panels with the above issue will not come back online in any way.

The issue can be identified by the end user when performing ‘Contact Check’ (as defined in the user manual) or while trying to perform any standard system operation. In both cases; no system response will be seen.

Central stations will see the issue while performing the standard connectivity test with the panel. In that case, no system response will be seen.

Visonic requests that its distribution and other channel partners take appropriate steps to notify all accounts that have purchased the affected Amber SelectX products during the relevant timeframe (including distributing a copy of this Technical Bulletin to their direct professional alarm installation customers who  purchase, install and service the Visonic products covered by this Technical Bulletin) and assist with the replacement of any affected units through the replacement process described below. 

Corrective action
Please check the dates and Serial Numbers of installed units. If an affected Amber unit ,as defined above, is found, partners are requested to contact Visonic’s Technical Support for an RMA (contact information below).

Upon RMA approval, Visonic will provide the partner with a new or refurbished unit for advanced replacement. The partner is asked to replace the units and to send Visonic the affected unit. Swap out of units must be conducted by a professional installer.
Please contact Visonic Technical Support (contact information below) or your local Visonic Sales Representative for questions regarding this Technical Bulletin.




U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Visonic Amber Personal Emergency Response Kits Recalled Due to Failure to Signal Emergency Assistance.
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 Health Canada


Visonic Ltd. recalls Amber SelectX Personal Emergency Alarms. 

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For more information on this product or other Visonic products, call Technical Support -- North America: 1-800-223-0020; Latin America: 860-243-0833; EMEA & AsiaPac: Toll free:  800-2255 8926 or contact your local Sales Representative.

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