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The Visonic installers’ Club – Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Visonic Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Terms & Conditions”)

1. Introduction and definitions


1.1. The Terms & Conditions are intended to regulate the conditions and the instructions that dictate the way the Visonic Ltd. Installers’ Club (hereinafter “the Club”) is operated.

1.2. "Visonic" and/or "the Company" – Visonic Ltd. and/or its subsidiaries and/or other companies which are part of the Tyco Security Products Group.

1.3. “Club Member" and/or "Member"– installer, or dealer who meets the provisions of section 2 below.

1.4. “Application Form” – an online application form to join the club.

1.5. "Customer” – the final consumer, the end user of the company’s products for their intended purpose.

1.6. "Redeems" – as agreed with the Club Member and subject to paragraph 2.2 below, the redeems will be sent up to 90 days after redeemed. The redeems will be issued in accordance with the amount of accumulated points, as detailed in the Company’s website regarding receiving the products from Tyco which will be addressed by the Company. The write-off of the points for redeemed product will be executed according to installer redeem action. The remaining points that were not redeemed for products, will remain in the Club Member’s account.. The balance remaining after the use of the redeems will not be paid.

1.7. "Year" –. A year start at October 1st and ends at September 30 the year after.

1.8. As used herein, the masculine form shall include the feminine and vice versa, as the context shall require.

1.9. The Club is managed by the Company.

2. The membership in the customers’ Club

2.1. The membership in the Club is available to all the installers of the Company that turned 18, filled the application form and were approved by the Club’s management. After receiving the approval of the Company regarding the membership, along with a membership number, the installer will become a Club Member.

2.2. During the first year of membership in the Club, each Club Member will be required to pass a short certification test. The certification tests will be held on the Club’s website at and / or app. The condition to be entitled to the benefits and/or to accumulate points is in accordance with the terms set out in sections 3 and 6 below, which is passing of the abovementioned certification test.

2.3. Immediately after accumulating 100 points for the first time (as set out in paragraph 5 below), the Club Member will be classified as a Silver installer.

2.4. The installers hereby confirm and acknowledge that they are aware that the basic condition for joining the Club is provision of the information required in the Application Form, and failure to provide the information required by the Application Form will result in failure to join the Club. Moreover, the installers hereby declare and confirm that they know that the Company will use the abovementioned information, subject to section 7 below.

2.5. The Company, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse to approve the registration for any installer, for any reason whatsoever, without obligation to provide an explanation.

2.6. Filling of the Application Form is treated as an agreement to all the provisions herein, including any future changes to the provisions of the Terms & Conditions.

2.7. The membership is valid from the date of joining and until the earlier of: (1) a period of 12 calendar months without any activity in accumulating at least 100 points per year; or (2) termination of membership at the exclusive discretion of the Company.

2.8. Membership digital cards will be issued to the Club Members within the installers' accounts; these cards shall not be used as credit or debit cards, as defined in the Israeli Charge Cards Act of 1986and/or any applicable law, according to the jurisdiction where the Member is located.

3. Benefits granted to Club Members

3.1. The membership entitles the Club Members to the possibility to earn points, which can be exploited in accordance with the provisions and conditions herein, and converted to a variety of benefits. In addition, the membership entitles the Club Members to various benefits that will be published by the Company from time to time, without the need for using or redeeming the points in order to receive those benefits. It is hereby clarified that as part of the benefits offer, some benefits will be offered for a limited time and they will be treated based on the principle “first come, first served”, until the Company in its sole discretion, will notify about the termination of the offered benefits.

3.2. Without derogating from the above, the Company in its sole discretion, may change the scope of the benefits and their worth, limit the period during which a benefit can be exercised, determine that the exercise of a benefit is contingent to some action etc., and cancel the benefits in whole or in part and at all times. The Company is not obliged to inform Club Members about any changes and/or cancellations of the benefits.

3.3. The benefits offered to Club Members and the changes in them, are detailed on the Club website at

3.4. The points and the benefits () are personal and not assignable and/or transferable and/or convertible to money.

4. Classification of Club Members

4.1. According to the criteria described below some of the Club Members will be included in the Company’s list of preferable installers. The preferable installers will be divided into two categories – the Gold installers and the Platinum installers. The Club Members on the preferable list will be entitled to various benefits in addition to benefits available to all the Club Members.

4.2. The eligibility to be included in the list of preferable installers (in addition to classification as a Gold or Platinum installer) is derived from a number of panel scans made by a Club Member in the Territory, at the club's website or app with its approval, and this during the Year as defined in paragraph 1.8. The initial classification of the installers in the preferable list will be made by the Company according to its sole and exclusive discretion.

4.3. Following are the details of the scope of purchases required for the admission to the list of preferable installers, in accordance with their classification as Gold or Platinum installers: Gold Installer – collecting 3000 club points per calendar year; Platinum Installer – collecting 10,000 points per calendar year; It is hereby clarified that points will be granted to a Club Member following the scanning of valid panels. Purchase of individual products will not grant points.

4.4. The classification of installers will be made once a year and will be valid for one calendar year. And then will be revaluated by the company based on the accumulated club points after one year.

4.5. Without derogating from the above, the Company in its sole discretion, may change the scope of the purchases required for determining of the classifications described in paragraph 4.3 and 4.4 above, cancel the classification of the preferred installers, in whole or in part and at all times. The Company is not obliged to inform Club Members or members of the installers’ groups about any changes and/or cancellations of the groups or the classifications.

4.6. The membership in the Club is available to all the Distributors/ CMS / specifiers/ Tyco employees of the Company that turned 18, filled the application form and were approved by the Club’s management. After receiving the approval of the Company regarding the membership. Distributors/ CMS / specifiers/ Tyco employees members cannot accumulate points, and their scans will not be accepted. They will get Club mailers and benefit from the club communications but cannot benefit from Club promos.

5. Accumulation of points

5.1. Each Club Member will be credited with points for scanning of the Company's panels at a rate of 100 points for each PowerMaster kit that was purchased in the Territory starting a specific period of time, as will be determined by the Company, from time to time (hereinafter: “Points” or “Club Points”). Note that VisoniClub points are awarded only when panel barcodes are scanned or manually entered in the VisoniClub website or app. Points are not granted for other products.

5.2. As a condition for accumulating the Points a Club Member will be asked to scan and/or type the serial number of the panel in his personal zone on the dedicated page,. A Club Member will receive confirmation of accumulating Points according to the information provided, and he will be able to see the total Points accumulated by checking his personal profile in the club webpage or app.

5.3. The Company may establish and change from time to time, the methods and/or different formulas to accumulate Points.

5.4. Each Club Member is responsible for keeping up with the Points accumulated in his favor by checking his profile (using his username and password).

5.5. The Club records of the number of accumulated Points will be considered conclusive evidence of the accuracy of the information. It is hereby declared that the Company shall be exempt from any responsibility in the event of errors in Points accumulation, as a result of a technical and/or electronic and/or software and/or hardware and/or other malfunction in the club system. Without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, in case a Club Member has objections regarding the number of Points accumulated to his credit, he should address the Club in writing within 3 months from the date of purchase, via the email address, and adjoin a copy of the purchase invoice and details of his objections. In case of dispute, the Company shall resolve the dispute in accordance with its sole and exclusive discretion.

6. Redeeming the Points

6.1. Subject to paragraph 2.2. above, the Company will allow Club Members to redeem points earned by them through redeem for products, all determined by the Company from time to time in accordance with its sole and exclusive discretion, and without having to provide notice. To dispel any doubt, the Company may revise and update the offered benefits and the method of calculating the redeem points from time to time, including their cancelation.

6.2. To dispel any doubt, it is hereby clarified that a Club Member may not transfer Points earned in his name in any way, including sale or transfer without consideration, to any third party.

6.3. Club points accumulated while being a part of an installation group can only be redeemed by a single authorized member of each group. Leaving such a group will result in losing all accumulated points, and thus also losing the member's level.

7. Use of information

7.1. With his confirmation of the Application Form, a Club Member confirms that he/she has reviewed, understood and accepted our privacy terms as well as is giving its consent that his/her personal and business information, as reported by him/her to the Company, and as will be amended by him from time to time, as well as every detail regarding purchases and installations carried out by him, accumulated by the Company (hereinafter: “the Information"), will be included in the database/s managed by the Company (hereinafter: “the Database"). In addition, the Company shall be entitled to use the Information to promote its activities, conduct data analysis and statistical research, and send direct mailing to Club Members (including via mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, short message service, including SMS and MMS, automatic dialling systems, etc.) with any information relating to the Company, its offered products and services, benefits etc. Moreover, the Company shall be entitled to submit the Information to any third party for the purpose of promotional activities, sales and services of the Company and/or to any other entities that provide services and benefits to Club Members, and any other use permitted by law and in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

7.2. Each Club Member may revoke his consent for direct mailing, as provided in paragraph 7.1 above, by giving written notice to the Company (via email, and the Company will act according to the message received from the Club Member within one month from the date the message was received by the Company.

7.3. The Company may transfer Information about the Club Members in accordance with the provisions of any competent governing/judicial body.

7.4. Each Club Member is responsible to report about any changes in his personal information in order to allow a continuous contact with him. The Company shall not be responsible for non-receipt of mailing and/or benefit and/or anything else related to the Club, resulting from failure to update the Club Member’s details or arising for any other reason.

7.5. Each Club Member may request access, rectification, or update of his inaccurate or out-of-date personal information by contacting To the extent of applicable law, a Club Member may have the right to request erasure of his personal information, restriction of processing, object to processing and the right to data portability. A Club Member may also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


8. Cancelation of membership

8.1. Each Club Member shall be entitled to resign from the club and terminate the membership period at any time by giving written notice to the Company. The company will remove his account within 90 days.

8.2. The company, in its sole discretion, may cancel the membership of a Club Member, and expropriate any of his rights arising from the membership, including the rights and benefits accumulated prior to the cancelation of the membership. The Company may also cancel the membership of a Club Member, who used his membership in violation of the provisions herein and/or committed an act of theft and/or in litigation with the Company and/or the Company found out that the Club Member’s membership may inflict damage to the Company.

9. General provisions

9.1. The Company is the sole and exclusive authority for interpretation of the provisions and the conditions of the Terms & Conditions.

9.2. The Terms & Conditions are the conditions of joining the Club, and each Member is considered as having read and approved the provisions of the Terms & Conditions, including any future changes in it. The Company reserves the right to modify and/or update and/or amend provisions of the Terms & Conditions, all its sections and/or part of them, including the provisions of joining the Club, membership period, the way to accumulate Points, the type of benefits and so forth, all in accordance with its sole and exclusive discretion and without prior notice. The Club Member shall have no demand and/or claim in relation to the Terms & Conditions and/or changes.

9.3. The Visonic members club's regulations will be updated from time to time, according to the company's discretion, and its updated language can be viewed at the company's offices as well as at the
9.4. In the case of a conflict and/or any inconsistency between the provisions of the Terms & Conditions and any other publications, the provisions of the Terms & Conditions will prevail in all respects.

9.5. The Club’s message advertising methods shall be as determined, from time to time, by the Club’s management.

9.6. All and any actions of the Club in favor of a Club Member and contrary to the provisions herein, shall be considered an exception and shall not be used or considered as a waiver of rights and/or obligations stated in the Terms & Conditions.

9.7. The Company, in its sole and exclusive discretion and in any way it sees fit, may notify by giving a 3 months’ notice about the termination of the Club’s activities with all that entails.

9.8. Provision of benefits to Club Members is subject to proper functioning of the Company’s operating and computing systems. In case malfunctions occur and temporarily prevent the abovementioned provision of benefits, the Company will address these malfunctions as soon as possible, and the Club Members shall not have any claims or lawsuits against the Company for failing to provide benefits during the malfunction and its treatment periods.


Please note that the English language of the regulations set forth is the original wording. In case of an interpretation of the regulations set forth in any other language, or in case of a contradiction between the English version and any other language, the English version would prevail.