Visonic- Wireless security, wireless emergency systems, wireless property protection

Central Monitoring Stations

Depend on Visonic for advanced solutions that support responsive, cost effective and efficient security monitoring services. Our wide array of visual and audio alarm verification solutions incorporate our proven security systems, detectors, integrated cameras and other peripherals, and advanced technologies to enable you to accurately assess the situation inside customers’ homes before responding. Advanced IP-based communication and management tools open new opportunities for improved efficiency and customer service. And, we also offer flexible customization and OEM options for your business.


Alarm Verification

Visonic's alarm verification solutions are making it possible to accurately determine if an alarm was activated by a real intrusion or safety breach.


Customization – OEM capabilities

From languages and features, to plastics colors, and logos on the products, Visonic delivers exactly the products our customers want, how they want them and when they want them.


IP Solutions

Visonic’s IP management platforms provides complete solution for managing IP security services and alarm monitoring with advanced services to increase your competitiveness and raise your profits.




When an alarm occurs — whether triggered by burglar, fire, panic, or safety devices — all installed smoke detectors leverage their built-in buzzers to sound the alarm.