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Tips on securing your property

December 13 2009

While it’s important not to underestimate security risks, even in rural areas of France, where crime rates are generally low, you should avoid turning your home into a fortress, which will deter visitors as well as would-be thieves! Bear in mind that your home is generally more at risk from fire and storm damage than from burglary.

Generally, the minimum level of security required by French insurance companies is fairly basic, e.g. security locks on external doors and shutters on windows (small windows generally have bars rather than shutters). If the contents of your home are worth less than around €60,000, this will normally be all that’s required unless the property is in Alpes-Maritimes or the Paris area, where burglary rates are the highest in France and many insurers insist on extra security measures, such as two locks on external doors, internal locking shutters, and security bars or metal grilles on windows and patio doors.


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