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Nature Meets Technology with Visonic's Innovative PowerG

December 23 2010

Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, today announced that the Israel Nature & Parks Authority (INPA) has chosen the company's groundbreaking PowerG® technology to enable research that will help protect the griffon vulture population in Israel.

The population of the griffon vulture in Israel has been rapidly and sadly declining, only a couple of hundred birds remain in the wild. This dramatic decline has been caused mainly by the massive and uncontrolled use of pesticides that result in poisonings, ill-treatment and accidental electrocution. Moreover, many important aspects of their demography and feeding habits are not fully understood. This knowledge is crucial to implementing proper management measures. As a result, the INPA initiated a research program to monitor and observe the vultures' behavior and activities.  The hope is that the collected research data on the vultures' feeding and mating habits will provide clues to ensure the vultures' survival and will shed light on the mystifying population decline.


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