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Visonic Presents Trends and Strategies for the Industry

March 27 2010

For most of those in the security industry, this year’s ISC West is not the first of these types of security trade shows. And in some cases, such as last year when the economy felt the hard impact of the recession, it’s quite easy to foresee how a show turnout may be. But this year is a whole other ball game and to be quite honest, it was refreshing to feel that renewed sense of energy in the air.

One of the ways that Visonic is leveraging the process of adding that RMR to their product line is with their Powerlink solution. Powelink is an Internet-based solution for advanced home security and control which enables service providers to leverage the full power of Internet connectivity to take their home security, safety and control services to the next level and also offers an optional feature that allows the end-user to access Web portals to add RMR. Service providers can use PowerLink as a fully managed Web services platform by enabling its built-in secure Web portal and providing end-users with Web control, notifications and surveillance services. It also offers a plug-and-play broadband IP event notification solution for alarm central stations via Visonic's IPMP IP service management platform and can be expanded with up to 14 cameras placed around the premises – creating a comprehensive IP-based video alarm verification solution.


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