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Visonic Announces PowerLink2 – Its Next-Gen Internet-based Solution for Home Security and Control

May 03 2010

Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, today announced the release of PowerLink2, the second PowerLink generation. Visonic's PowerLink is already a leading Internet-based solution for advanced home security and control. It provides a plug and play broadband IP event notification solution for alarm central stations and can be expanded with up to 12 cameras placed around the premises to create a comprehensive IP-based video alarm verification solution.


In addition, a built-in, easy-to-use web interface enables service providers to offer their customers security-related web services, such as remote control of their security system and home appliances, remote camera views, and video event messaging to email and mobile phones. Now, PowerLink2 further leverages the power of Internet connectivity.


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