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Visonic further improves home owners’ security with two new perimeter wireless detectors – CLIP PG2 and MC-302E PG2 – for its PowerMaster® Alarm Syste

November 29 2011

Visonic Ltd., a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems, today announced the latest enhancement of its PowerMaster® family – the CLIP PG2 and MC-302E PG2, two new PowerG-based wireless perimeter detectors.


The property perimeter is the first line of intrusion. Perimeter detectors will provide the first warning when intruder tries to break in. Early and fast responses to intrusion can considerably reduce risk of burglary and damage to property. With the new CLIP PG2 and MC-302E PG2, Visonic answers this need of home owners and improves property protection.


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