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Visonic Launches Comprehensive Safety Offering for Residential Market

July 01 2008

Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, today announced the release of the Visonic Home Safety Series of fully supervised wireless detectors. Comprising carbon monoxide (CO), smoke, natural gas, temperature and water leak detectors, the Home Safety Series is the most comprehensive range of fully supervised residential safety detectors available from a single source.


The detectors all comply with the most stringent North American and European quality and detection performance standards. They work in combination with Visonic’s PowerMax® family of control panels, enabling homeowners to leverage their PowerMax-based anti-intrusion security system to also protect their families and property from common safety dangers.


Unlike standalone detectors, the Visonic Home Safety Series detectors are part of a fully supervised wireless solution. They are easily maintained and tend to be serviced and replaced on time because the low battery and end of life alerts emitted by the control panel are virtually impossible-toignore. This dramatically reduces the likelihood that homeowners will forget or ignore maintenance issues and dramatically increases the likelihood that the detectors will work when needed.


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