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Improving Customer Service and Response Time at Visonic Group

July 01 2011

With a supply chain flexible enough to respond quickly to customer requests for slightly different versions of standard products, manufacturers can win new business or deepen existing customer relationships. But getting that customized product designed, put into production, and shipped in a timely manner is a challenge that requires all the links in the supply chain to be well connected.  

Home security products manufacturer Visonic Group knows this well. Over the years, Visonic’s ability to receive and successfully execute customers’ requests for product changes came to be viewed as a competitive differentiator for the company, which sells primarily to distributors and installers. But as Visonic established this repute, the range of its customers’ demands was also growing rapidly.

“Our large customers have a wide variety of requests in terms of product functionality as well as process requirements,” explains Aharon Zagory, CIO of Visonic. Even service levels and manufacturing strategies vary by customer and contract, as Visonic builds some product to stock for customers that make longer commitments and then makes product to order for other customers.


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