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Houses fit for a spy

September 14 2009

Science fiction is now reality. At one time in the not-too-distant past, thoughts of James Bond-era technology being available to us normal folks for regular home use were strictly fantasy. But that unforeseen day has finally arrived, as several companies electronically train your house to be smarter than the average dwelling.


How much have we progressed? Not as far as an FBI retina scan, but biometric locks are still an impressive and unconventional way to protect your home. For example, SmartScan (manufactured by Burnaby, BC-based Weiser Lock and retailing for approximately $199) allows you to protect your premises with the tip of a finger. A touchpad attached to the front of your door activates a keyless electronic dead bolt system that requires a swipe of your finger -- or those you've approved and registered in the device's memory bank -- in order to gain entry.


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