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Home Automation

With today´s busy lifestyles, using technology to save time, improve convenience and enhance comfort is not a luxury – it’s a fact of daily life. As we juggle home, family, work and community responsibilities, we increasingly need to take care of aspects of one part of life while we are busy with another. Being able to control your home security system, switch on/off lights and key appliances automatically or from anywhere you are, can save you electricity costs and time and improve the security of your home.


PowerMax home security systems can be controlled from anywhere inside and outside the house using a variety of one-and two-way devices, such as keyfobs, keypads and remote commanders. This means you can activate and deactivate your home security system – even if you have already locked the door behind you as you run out to an errand. And, when you combine a PowerMax system with Visonic’s PowerLink web-based home control system, you can use your mobile phone or the Internet to control your home security system. This kind of control can be invaluable – for example, when you get to your office or vacation and realize you forgot to arm the home security system earlier.


Combining our PowerMax and PowerLink systems with X-10 home automation-compatible devices, such as air conditioners, lights, electric window blinds, and heating, gives you freedom to control your home from anywhere via a PC or mobile device with an Internet connection – making your house a more secure and more welcoming place to come home to, while saving energy and money.

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