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MultiNetwork SIM card

  • Very simple solution to managing SIM and GSM/GPRS systems Contract Data
    SIM (not PAYG) supplied by Wireless Logic
  • Voice and SMS capable (extra charge applies). This allows the SIM to be capable of
    dual reporting via GPRS and GSM
  • Multi Network - the SIM automatically moves to another network if required
  • Very low rental cost with 0.5Mb data included. Extra data charged in 0.5Mb blocks
  • Simple activation, just email the address for a form, complete and send back.
    Process takes up to 48hrs.
  • Online portal available
  • Private access point (APN) and static IP address
  • 12 month contract however contract can be moved from one SIM to another
    (contact Wireless Logic  for assistance)
  • SIM's will operate in most European countries including Ireland


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