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Multiple Communication Options

In today’s evolving markets, the communication infrastructure at your customers’ residences can vary greatly. At any individual site, landline, GSM, GPRS and IP communication can all exist, alone or in any combination. And, the available communications options can also rapidly change as technology and markets develop. With all these variables, it is vital that you have the flexibility to offer optimal communications and backup options for the widest array of customers. And, you need the versatility to update installed security solutions as infrastructure changes.


With Visonic’s PowerMax wireless security systems, you can do all this – with the greatest convenience and cost effectiveness. Modular and both broadband- and GSM-ready, PowerMax systems enable you to install each system with the most suitable communication links and security backup to ensure uninterrupted communication in case of a link failure or interference.


Installation and upgrades are quick and easy. Simply insert the optimal communications modules during initial installation and then at any time, even years later, you can change or add communications modules according to infrastructure availability.

Multiple Communication Options
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