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Personal Emergency Response

Personal Emergency Response

Your home security system can protect much more than your home – it can also help safeguard your family by providing personal emergency response in a wide range of situations, such as a fall, sudden feeling of illness, or fright. For elderly relatives and other vulnerable family members, the ability to immediately and easily summon help can provide them – and you – with valuable peace of mind.

Visonic’s PowerMax® family of home security systems can be connected to a wide variety of personal emergency alert transmitters that can be worn by family members while in the home. In the event of an emergency, one press of the personal emergency response button sends an alert to the PowerMax control panel, which then automatically calls the monitoring service or a designated private telephone number of a neighbor, family member or a friend.

Our personal emergency alert transmitters are available as wristbands, pendants and belt clip-ons and as wall-mounted buttons that can be located in strategic places around the house, such as in the kitchen and bathroom.

You can’t be home all the time, but you can ensure your family is never alone, by enabling them to get fast personal emergency response whenever and wherever around the home they need it.

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