Visonic- Wireless security, wireless emergency systems, wireless property protection

PowerMaxComplete QuickFit Kit

  • 28 wireless zones, with a choice of over 30 accessories market-leading devices and accessories such as: indoor and outdoor wireless sirens; CO, smoke and flood detection; keypads remote controls; and much more
  • On board voice dialer, central station communicator and GSM/GPRS options
  • Two-way wireless capability
  • User friendly LCD display, voice prompts and keypad control
  • EN-50131 Grade 2, DD243, PD6662 compliant
  • The kit contains in a single box everything needed to install a residential or small/home office system, with all accessories, factory pre-enrolled and ready to be installed
  • Internal power supply
  • Optional two-way keyfob and sirens
  • Choice of 3 all-inclusive kits* to fit a variety of customer needs (Complete Pet: 0-101418, Complete Standard: 0-101465)