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QuickFit Surveillance Kits

Leverage the full power of the Internet to maximize your revenues with Visonic's QuickFit Surveillance kit. This kit packs inside one box everything you need for a GPRS/IP-based residential or small/home office alarm system installation: an advanced broadband-based control panel and pre-enrolled wireless accessories. With this surprisingly economical kit, you can provide your customers with a highly reliable event alarm verification solution that can be installed in no time.


  • Self-contained kit with everything needed to install a residential or small/home office security system, with all accessories, including the camera, factory pre-enrolled and ready to be installed


  • A video alarm verification solution to prevent unnecessary responses to false alarms


  • Connectivity to Visonic's IPMP management platform, providing increased efficiency and control over accounts and service management, billing and messaging


  • The reduced cost of Internet communication instead of the more expensive PSTN, GSM/GPRS communication methods


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