Visonic- Wireless security, wireless emergency systems, wireless property protection

Security Professionals

Visonic home security monitoring solutions are designed with security professionals in mind. Our products are available only through professionals, and are developed to provide exceptionally easy and cost-effective installation, uncompromising reliability and easy operation. The wide range of Visonic wireless and wired alarm systems and detectors, keyfobs, cameras and other accessories enables you to offer complete solutions to virtually every kind of residential and small to mid-size commercial customer.


QuickFit Solutions - Pre-enrolled Kits

Each QuickFit kit is a complete, basic system in a box, with pre-programmed accessories that allow simple and quick wireless installations. These systems provide the perfect solution for small domestic premises and small businesses.



Intrusion & Safety - A Solution for Every Property

Visonic’s advanced home security products offer many flexible options for protecting your customers’ homes and families from varied threats, including intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide and gas leaks, floods, etc.




When an alarm occurs — whether triggered by burglar, fire, panic, or safety devices — all installed smoke detectors leverage their built-in buzzers to sound the alarm.




Multiple Communication Options

Visonic's control panels give you the flexibility to offer optimal communication and backup options for every customer. Also, you get the versatility to update already installed systems as infrastructure changes.