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When there is an emergency, notifying all of the occupants is crucial. But, particularly in large premises, it is also very difficult. To ensure everyone knows to evacuate a building in case of a fire or emergency, and to deter intruders in case of a burglary or holdup, Visonic has added a siren network to its PowerMaster systems.

Visonic PowerG connects wireless smoke detectors, the sirens and the panel's siren, creating a formidable siren network. When an alarm occurs — whether triggered by burglar, fire, panic, or safety devices — all installed smoke detectors leverage their built-in buzzers to sound the alarm. This is a powerful cost-saving and lifesaving application for large homes and commercial sites.

In the event of a fire, SirenNet provides the optimal warning for clearing the premises before the fire spreads. In the event of an intrusion, the activation of multiple sirens makes it impossible to shut down the alarm by vandalizing the sirens, effectively scaring off the burglar.


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