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New PowerG-based Products  

PowerMaster Control Panels

Leveraging Visonic’s advanced PowerG wireless technology, PowerMaster redefines wireless security with an as yet unseen combination of range, performance, quality and advanced features. Enjoy all the benefits of wireless, with robustness and reliability similar to hard-wired systems. Installation is fast, with no cabling or disruption to the home or business premises. A broad, ever-expanding set of peripherals helps meets all of your customers’ safety and security needs.




Main Features
  • Multi-channel Frequency Hopping  technology overcomes interference
  • Pre-configured devices, one-click enrolment and signal quality indicators on devices
  • Extended transmission suitable for larger premises (repeaters also available)
  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces call outs costs
  • Advanced peripherals – Including motion detection, safety, keypads, arming devices and sirens
  • Extended battery life – Smart energy-saving technologies increase battery life
  • Pet and non Pet-tolerant lenses included in all kits
  • Available through your security distributor now. Order part numbers:
    PowerMaster-30 Kit: P/N 0-102181 with siren, P/N 0-102182 without the siren.
    PowerMaster-10 kit: P/N 0-101782

United Kingdom Visonic Limited Distributors

Note to the house holder - To ensure the best possible experience Visonic PowerMax products are designed to be installed by professionally trained engineers only. Visonic UK does not promote PowerMax in any way to be suitable for DIY installation and our help-lines will not provide support in such circumstances. Please also be aware that we do not authorise our products to be sold through any DIY channels especially not through internet dealers.