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PowerMaxComplete Surveillance QuickFit Kit

Take advantage of broadband's potential and offer your customers increased security, and better, more cost-efficient service. These kits provide you with everything you need for residential or SOHO wireless security system installations, in one box. In addition, you get the system running in just minutes with virtually no effort, programming or disruption to the customer; includes simple guide to customize the system when household-specific tailoring is required.


  • PowerMaxComplete control panel with 28 wireless zones
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Voice prompts
  • Internal proximity reader for easy arm/disarm
  • Pre-enrolled transmitters including 2-MCT320, 1- K985MCW PIR and 2
    proximity tags                                                                                              
  • Build-in internal PLINK2 broadband web module and 1- CAM3100 WiFi camera
  • Also available as economical kits without cameras
  • Catalog number:  (0-101531)


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