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Access an extensive range of wireless products for residential & commercial/industrial security

Visonic provides an extensive range of wireless security products and detectors for residential and commercial/industrial properties. The wide range of Visonic wireless and wired alarm systems and detectors, keyfobs, visual verification PIRs, sirens and other accessories available in the UK enables you to offer complete solutions to virtually every kind of residential and small-to mid-size commercial customer. 

Leverage the most advanced technology and products

The Visonic PowerMaster family of wireless security and safety systems combine  outstanding ease-of-use with exceptional reliability, enabling more profitable installations.
All PowerMaster control panels and accessories are based on PowerG wireless security technology, which delivers exceptional robustness and reliability, extended battery life and superior range, while eliminating the hassle and disruption of running wires. Learn more >



The Visonic PowerMax family of home security systems, based on our PowerCode technology, meets widely varied safety and security needs. With a wide choice of control panels and peripherals, including multiple transmitters and receivers, PowerMax solutions meet the needs of almost any residential application. Innovative communication capabilities, built-in to most PowerMax control panels, suit any infrastructure.
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Quick Fit Kits for super-speedy installations
Both PowerMaster and PowerMax systems are available in Visonic Quick Fit Kits, which include the control panel and selected pre-enrolled peripherals – for the fastest and simplest installations. Learn more >