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Get everything you need for a quick and easy installation in premises that require high-speed, highly reliable security events reporting via cellular (mobile) communication. The kit contains an ultra-compact control panel that fits into any house décor. And with its built-in GPRS/SMS module and pre-enrolled wireless accessories, the installation is done in no time and with no unsightly wiring.


  • Fully wireless QuickFit installation, with no need for landline connection

  • Supports three data channels - GPRS, GSM and SMS - for high-speed, highly reliable reporting

  • Sends alerts via SMS text messages

  • IP communication-ready

  • Supports dual-path signalling

  • Switch-on/switch-off and control via SMS messages

  • Highly reliable security system compliant with EN-50131 Grade 2, DD243, PD6662 and other international standards.

  • Pay as You Go (PAYG) SIM card, with £5 credit, included in the kit.


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Note to the house holder - To ensure the best possible experience Visonic PowerMax products are design to be installed by professionally trained engineers only. Visonic UK does not promote PowerMax in any way to be suitable for DIY installation and our help-lines will not provide support in such circumstances. Please also be aware that we do not authorise our products to be sold through any DIY channels especially through internet dealers.


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