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Silver installers’ plan

Email updates on promotions, training and webinars, a digital membership card and a licensed installer certificate.


Access to advanced tools directly from the Visonic Club  app, including Quote Generator, Learning Center, and Online Catalog – all via your mobile device.

Gold installers’ plan

Entitlement to all the Silver plan benefits, in addition to: receiving requests for price quotations on the personal page directly from the Visonic website ("leads"); updates on new products, sales and marketing workshops, meetings and professional tours with Visonic senior executives. Moreover, the installers of the Gold group will appear on the Visonic website in the list of recommended installers. For more details >

To the Visonic Gold installers list click here.

Platinum installers’ plan

Entitlement to all the Gold plan benefits, in addition to: a prominent display on the Visonic website, a meeting with the CEO of Visonic and Tyco senior executives, participation in product development and brainstorming sessions and Tyco invitation* to one of Tyco BMW races in Europe. For more details >


Group Silver Installer Gold Installer Platinum Installer
Number of kits 1 30 86
Amount of points
required for plan
100 3,000 10,000

* The invitation does not include airfare and accommodation

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The points you have accumulated can be converted to a variety of Visonic products that will be sent directly to you!

Note that Visonic Club points are awarded only when panel barcodes are scanned or manually entered in the Visonic Club app. Points are not granted for other products.

KF-235 PG2 Keyfob
550 Points
MC-320V PG2 Vanishing Contact
800 Points
MP-802 PG2 Smart Motion Detector
1,000 Points
SR-740 HEX PG2
Outdoor Siren
2,200 Points
Next CAM PG2
Motion Detector with Integrated Camera
3,000 Points
KP-250 PG2 Keypad
3,250 Points
Outdoor Motion Detector with Camera
4,500 Points
PowerMaster-10 Kit
5,000 Points
PowerMaster-30 Kit
6,000 Points


*Photos for illustration purposes only