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RealAlarm™ - Visual Alarm Verification

Visonic's visual alarm verification solution, RealAlarm is a powerful tool for wireless video surveillance that enables monitoring stations to avoid unnecessary responses to false alarms and to remotely assess the situation when an alarm is real. PIR cameras installed in strategic locations on the premises immediately turn on when alarm is activated. Monitoring facility personnel can review images taken by the cameras prior to notifying the authorities and provide detailed information to respondents about the emergency. Armed with this information, respondents are better prepared to take appropriate action.

Also, with RealAlarm, alarm monitoring services can follow emergency procedures remotely. This reduces the need to physically visit the property to check for a break-in - a process that is generally inconvenient, costly, time-consuming and potentially dangerous.


Retrofitting Hard-wired Systems for Visual Verification

Visonic's RealAlarm also offers visual alarm verification for homes and businesses where an alarm system is already installed. As a wireless video surveillance system, RealAlarm can be retrofitted on any existing wired installation simply by connecting the wired system to the hard wired zone in the PowerMaster control panel. With the addition of strategically-positioned, wireless PIR cameras (Next CAM) placed throughout the premises, customers can receive all the benefits of accurate visual alarm verification without having to change existing infrastructure. All PowerMaster accessories are fully wireless and battery-powered which makes for easy installation and low cost maintenance.

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