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Advancing Beyond PowerMax and PowerCode


Advancing Beyond PowerMax and PowerCode

Visonic’s PowerMax product line has been discontinued. Please take a look at our more advanced, industry-leading PowerG wireless technology  and the PowerMaster family of wireless security solutions for residential and business installations.


PowerCode technology and the PowerMax product line were introduced more than 20 years ago. They served extremely well, protecting homes around the world and enabling security professionals to grow their businesses.


Since then, Visonic’s PowerG wireless technology, and PowerMaster security solutions, have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses worldwide, proving their long-lasting reliability and high performance.


If you haven’t already advanced to PowerG and PowerMaster, now’s the time to start. 



  • Simple, fast installations

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Widest range of wireless devices 

  • Industry-leading encryption on all communications

  • Advanced anti-masking, anti-tampering and other protections

  • Mobile apps for installers and users