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HS2LCDWFPV8 PowerSeries Neo

HS2LCDWFPV8 PowerSeries Neo

PowerSeries Neo capitalizes on PowerG, the industry’s leading-edge wireless intrusion technology, to offer a series of robust features geared towards decreasing operational costs while providing ultimate reliability in a security system. Unnecessary site checks and incremental high costs that can be incurred by false alarms are substantially reduced. With the simplicity of PowerG devices, solutions can be easily customized to suit even the most specific needs.


HS2LCDWFPV8 Features: 

  • 2x16 full message display
  • Intuitive clock programming
  • Multiple door chime
  • Blue display
  • White backlit keys
  • Displays indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Installer programming
  • Multi-language support
  • 5 programmable function keys
  •  Intuitive clock programming
  • Fire, medical and panic keys
  • Dual Wall-mount and cover tamper
  • Proximity Chicklets supported


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