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HS2128 PowerSeries Neo

HS2128 PowerSeries Neo

PowerSeries Neo control panels are the heartbeat to this revolutionary hybrid system. Visonic offers this control panel, with capacity of 128 zones and 8 partitions, providing solutions for the spectrum of installations. The control panel has 8 hardwired inputs, 4 hardwired outputs and PSTN communication onboard.


The system can be tailored for specific installations with added expansion capabilities, features and services. The modular and scalable structure of PowerSeries Neo provides a cost effective, tailored solution for even the most demanding installations. It includes a complete line of expansion modules to fit the requirements of today’s installations while protecting the investment and ensuring growth in the future.


HS2128 Features:

  • 8 on-board zones
  • Expandable to 128 wireless and hardwired zones
  • 4 PGM outputs
  • Template programming
  • Connect up to 16 supervised keypads with keypad zones
  • 8 partitions
  • 1000-event buffer
  • 1000 user codes
  • Interconnected smoke detector support  allows for additional warning in potential life-threatening situations


Note: PowerG indoor and outdoor sirens are not supported


Product approvals


Available in the following countries: 

France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain

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