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PowerMaster-360 is a security, safety and smart home gateway. It is ideal for clients wishing to combine Wi-Fi and Zwave devices with PowerG security and safety sensors. Combined with a connected home web platform and application, this gateway allows you to control your home from a single point. This latest innovative solution leverages our 30 years of proven security leadership and award-winning technologies.



PowerMaster-360 features:

  • Single box solution, security and home-automation
  • PowerMaster™ Security features
  • Security wireless RF network - PowerG™
  • Zwave  or/and WIFI for home-automation
  • Cellular and IP communication
  • External power supply and battery backup
  • Compliment a cloud based smart home solution and application


PowerMaster-360 Benefits:

  • A single gateway for the 3 "S": Security, Safety and Smart home
  • Intelligent solution which conditioned to your day and needs
  • Providing a peace of mind by enrolling your home to enhancing your safety
  • A solution developed by Visonic- a  security marketing leader for over 30 years
  • Incorporate several wireless technologies


How it works

Intelligent cloud-based platform allows you to condition your home to behave based on events.  You have 24/7 access in the palm of your hand with the Mobile app, which provide access and control of your home appliances, security and safety devices anytime and from anywhere.  A single connection to security and smart home devices.  You can condition and pre-configure appliance behavior to time or events.



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